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Silhouette Island

Silhouette island had more to offer than what we originally thought. Boat excursions, hikes, cooking classes, diving, etc. Did we do any of it? Nope. I big fat Nada on this one. We decided to stick with our intricate plan of doing absolutely nothing but relax and walk the beach.
We spent our first night in a "garden" view villa. Beautiful room but with a view of another villa's butt instead of a garden. Good enough for me but David was on a mission to get us upgraded to a king beach villa with plunge pool. After enough bitching and moaning - ah-hem - I mean with a lot of persistency, here we are, beach front!!
The beach in front of the resort is a nice typical secluded island beach with very few people around and the ocean slowly chewing down at the sand. However, after a little exploration, we discovered silhouette island has many different personalities. From soft
to edgy
To "bould".
We also found the secret beach our resort guide had kindly told us about (well...us and the rest of the entire guest list)
Not much going on in the snorkeling department here although we saw a 2 feet long shark from shore. Not 5 years ago, you would have said: look, a baby shark... And I would have spun my feet like Fred Flintstone to get the hell out of there. Now David was not even done with his sentence that I was literally running in the water thighs deep to try to get a better look at it.
We did see 3 small eels while walking by the boulders hanging out in very shallow water too. Those are not as toothy as sharks but win the creepy looking price.
The food here is decent. Nothing too exciting. We had dinner at the house of the first family who lived on this island which has been transformed into a set menu Creole restaurant. Kinda cool. But the real food adventure came in the form of what I believed would be a calamari salad but was really octopus salad. Look.
I mean really... Look.
A little closer??
Tentacles. Super sticky, icky looking mini suction cups. Doesn't help that my inner geek kept repeating "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!"

A little bicycle ride on the last mornings...
Our last afternoon plan was to soak up the sun while walking the beach for a last time. We got soaked, alright!! By non-stop heavy rain. David slept the rain away while I sat on our deck watching nature getting a big healthy drink of water.
Next: Praslin island.

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The Seychelles

Annik sells seashells on Seychelles' sea shore.

Please join us in celebrating the 10th anniversary of Annik's 30th birthday!!
When: from February 16th to March 1st.
(What?!? I'm turning f... ff.. ffff... Sorry... That's the only F-word I have a hard time saying out loud. Forty. There. I said it. Forty deserves a 2 week long party, don't you agree?)
Where: The Seychelles.
Hum... Where: The Indian Ocean, next to Africa.
No RSVP needed, just hop on the blog and lets have some ffffun!!!

First stop,Toronto for a mere 6 hour layover in the Aircanada lounge. But with free food and booze, vacation has officially started. This is where I always gain my vacation weight: plane and lounge buffets. Leave it to me to eat about 8 lbs of guacamole before an 11 hour flight to Istanbul where they force feed you like a turkey the month before thanksgiving. The layover here was about 3 hours which we spent in the Turkish airlines lounge. One of fanciest lounges we've been. We got to shower, eat some more and experience what it feels like to have hundreds of clones of ourselves sitting on a row of toilets simultaneously. Let me show you.
Think about this. The restroom designer decided that not only would travelers want to watch themselves doing #1 or 2 with one full length mirror, but would enjoy the view even more from both sides and at the same time creating an infinite quantity of their reflection sitting on the Pants-down throne. Just a very weird experience, people!!
Next 7 hour flight was to Mahe, Seychelles which is still not our final destination. A 40 minutes drive up and across the main island to hop on a boat to the first of three islands we will be visiting during our stay, Silhouette island - a small island with nothing but one resort and nature. Time to unplug from the insanity of the Canadian-American life and submerge ourselves in the quietness and beauty of our Mother (Nature) before exploring the next 2 more activity and exploration oriented islands.
And oh!! Lookie!! The Hilton RSVP'd yes to my birthday invite :)
90_20170218_025847.jpg 20170218_114013.jpg
Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go put my bikini on and stare at the ocean for the next few hours. Tough life.

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